About Doculicious

Doculicious.com is a web based application that offers a superior alternative to standard PDF downloads. Our application lets members design a document using an online WYSIWYG designer, the system then creates a web form which can be embedded onto external websites or co-branded and accessed from doculicious.com. When someone completes the web-based form, they receive the completed template as a PDF download, and we store the entered data into the members secure account.

Doculicious has been created to make it easier for designers and developers to build web forms that create filled in PDF files, without having to deal with the hassle of coding, creating database tables, FDF files or Adobe Acrobat forms. The web form will display just like what you design, and the downloaded PDF will look the same as well. We provide all the tools to layout your PDF file with text and image fields, to store the entered data into a secure database, and extract it into multiple formats via the programming API or direct from the site.

Each Doculicious template can be embedded onto your website with a single line of code. Alternatively, you can write your own HTML web form and use the simple API to create and store entries to your templates.

Time saving features

  • Database storage automatically created when you build a template.
  • All template fields are stored as text in the database and retrieveable in multiple formats - PDF, CSV, XML, JSON.
  • Programming API for easy integration of your data into external systems.
  • Simple Insert API for creating PDF's using your own web forms.
  • Export of data in multiple formats from your secure account.
  • Notifications that enable you to be informed when entries are made to your templates.
  • Plus heaps more ...

System Screenshots

Doculicious-workshop  members dashboard  Template Entries

Usage Screenshots

Example Doculicious Template Embedded  ImagePicker  Award Certificate Example