Templates/forms are built using Elements. Doculicious currently has 4 elements you can use to build a template. These are:

  1. Text Box Element
  2. Rich Text Box Element
  3. Image Box Element
  4. Toggle Box Element

All elements have certain common properties such as position, height,width, border size and color etc. These are used to layout the element and style how it displays. All elements (except the toggle box element) can be made read-only, making them un-edtiable by the user of your form. When an element is writeable it becomes a field that can be completed by the end user.

Text Box Element

Use this for labels or text fields placed anywhere on your template. The text can be single or multi line. When creating the template you can set the color, font and size of the text, but the end-user cannot change it when editing the field.

Rich Text Box Element

Use this for blocks of formatted text. The text is multi line. If read-only is false, users can edit the text and will be given some rich text tools to change the font color, face, size and other properties.

Image Box Element

Place images on your template or boxes where users can upload images to the template. Most often used for logo's on forms, but is a very flexible element allowing for the creation of a wide range of template, not just plain text forms. Images will resize automatically depending on the size of the element. Full size images are always saved so the system can create high quality printable PDF's, while displaying lower resolution images on the web display for speed.

Toggle Box Element

Used for checkboxes. Can be setup with any image as the toggle image. Images resize and act just like the Image Box Element.