Get Entries

This page demonstrates the use of the Doculicious Entries API. This part of the API allows you to programmatically retrieve all the entries made to a template.

To show how this works, I've created a test account and the template you can see below. Every time someone submits this template, an entry is saved. Below the template you can see how we then get those entries using the API, and display the data in the format you have selected, and also process the raw data to display the entries in a HTML table. You can choose different options for how many rows to select, filter on date or change the format.

I've also included some snippets of test code in PHP and Java (right at the bottom of this page) which show how you can call the Entries resource similar to the way I am here. All you need to do is change the URI to the one for your template, and use your own API Access ID and API Secret Access Key.

Here is where I call the Entries resource for this template to retrieve the entries made to it. You can change the parameters and filters below and see how it effects the results. The XML or JSON result is displayed below as well, so you can become familiar with the format of the output. Click here to see the documentation for this API resource