Create an Entry

This page demonstrates the use of the Doculicious Entries API, specifically the part that lets you create a new entry for a template. This allows you to programmatically create a new entry by sending through the XML or JSON for each element within the template.

Below is a form with all the fields and parameters that can be sent to this resource, you can change these parameters and choose the output and input content type, then create a new entry by clicking the "Create new entry with this data" button. The generated code and return output will display below once submitted.

We are using the same test template as on the Get Entries example page, so once you create a new entry, you can go to that page and see it retrieved using the GET method of this API resource.

Notice on this page that the header only includes the API Access ID and not the API Secret Access Key ... this is because we have disabled the security for this resource as outlined in the authorization section. This is mainly used when you are using a HTML web form to submit the data, but I've done it here to show how.