API (Beta)

The Doculicious API lets you access the entries saves for your forms and submit new entries from your own programs or web forms. Using the API you can easily fill in PDF files from wen forms you host yourself.

The Doculicious API provides a way to interact with your Templates and Data from any programming language and application that can access the internet. Using PHP, C#, Ruby or most other languages you can add Doculicious functionality to desktop applications, your website or even an iPhone.

To get started, you may want to read about the general Concepts involved in using the Doculicious API. After that, you can review the Resources that you can act on and the Resource Data you can access.

Please note that the Doculicious API is currently in its Beta version. We currently only support a subset of the features we plan to implement, so encourage you to contact us with your requirements if there is something you need which is not yet available, and we'll do our best to increase it's priority.