Notification Email Changes and IE8 upgrade

The release of Internet Explorer 8 has seen its use gradually grow in our Doculicious logs. After extensive testing, it seemed that almost everything was working fine in the new browser, with the only issue found being a display problem in the Rich Text Box element. Our lates release fixes this issue, and gives us full compatibility with IE8. Even though the amount of work we put in to provide support for IE6 was large, I can't say I'm upset to see it's market share decrease :)

Notification Emails

We've had a few requests to change the from address of the Notification emails to be from the account holders email address, as people have been replying to the notification and the account holder has not been recieving it. To address this we have added a reply-to field to all notification emails that will include the email address of the account holder. We did plan on including a field in the template settings so that you can choose different reply-to addresses for each active template, but with time constraints as they are, this seemed like a good interim measure.