New Account Limits

You'll notice a few rather large changes were made to the account limits this weekend. After the launch of the API, I realised that the concept of Downloads and Entries has become blurred. If you know how to program, you can easily use the API to download PDF's that would only be logged against your entry limit. This is fine, but some feedback from users has shown that people feel they need to implement an API solution to get the fair value out of their account. What I've done now is raise the download limit to match the earlier entry limit on accounts, and changed the API code to count every PDF download against an accounts limits. In effect this means that all paid account holders have had their downloads increased to match the number of entries allowed for their account. This is more than triple the previous downloads. The free account has had it's PDF download limit increased, and it's entry limit decreased a small bit. Most people use the free account for the immediate download, so the majority should see this as a bonus.

Also, the Active Template limit of the Standard account has been increased from 4 to 5. I've always wanted each extra step in the account levels to provide much more than double the features of the previous account, either in Active Templates alone, or in combination with Download/Entry limits. The old Standard account didn't seem any better than 2 Basic accounts, so increasing its active Templates to more than double, in addition to over 4 times the usage limits makes it an attractive upgrade option.

All-in-all the majority of users will benefit from these changes, and confusion over Downloads and Entries should be diminished.