API Working Examples

To make it easier for people to begin using the Doculicious API, I've created some working examples which show how the Entries resource can be used to request a collection of entries and also post new entries.

The pages are under the Working Examples section, and each contains a web form which lets you play around with one particular part of the API. The first section entitled Get Entries, allows you to query an example template I've created, and also create new entries using the Doculicious UI for the form. From this page you can enter a new entry and then query the Entries collection and see how the data you've just created comes out.

The second page is for creating single entries, and is named Create Entry. This uses the POST method of the Entries resource to create new entries for a specific template from XML or JSON data. This page lets you edit the XML or JSON directly, change the parameters passed to the resource, and then see the returned data that is created.

Hopefully these 2 working examples will make it easier for people to get right in and use the Doculicious API. I plan on adding more examples, and welcome any requests for specific uses.

If you are looking for a document automation system that automates the creation of word and excel files, then take a look at this example of document generation.