API Launched

We've just released the first version of the Doculicious API, which provides the ability to remotely access your saved entries or create new entries for your templates using your favourite programming language.

The Doculicious API is based on RESTful principles, meaning that your Doculicious "things" are resources that can each be accessed via a unique URI. Each of these resources can, where applicable, be acted upon using the standard HTTP methods - GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. You can retrieve an instance of your resource in one of multiple representations such as XML, JSON or PDF. And each resource, where possible, will include links within it which can inform your application of further actions that can be taken.

If we couldn't identify a consensus across the RESTful development community about how to implement some feature, we rolled our own. Hopefully our implementation is straight forward and allows you, our customers and developers, the ability to create powerful applications and enhancements for your websites. In the end, that's all that matters.

Because the majority of data within Doculicuious is meant to be secure, almost all resources and methods require authentication for use. This is all covered in the docs, but means that there is no simple way to browse the API and see what it does using your browser. I will be adding specific working examples to enhance the documentation on each resource in the future. However, one of the exciting features of the API is the ability to fill in PDF forms using your own HTML web form. This does not require authentication, meaning you can make public web forms that submit to our API and fill in a doculicious PDF template that you've already created. A simple and easy way to create fillable PDF forms.

The documentation for the API is located on our new documentation website. Please note that this documentation site is a work in progress. I've tried to document everything I could about the API as it was being developed and tested, but things may be missed. Please, if anyone has any questions post to the forum or contact me directly. I'm more than happy to help people to start using this API.

Please note too .. this is a work in progress. We will be adding new resources and method support in the future. If there is something you desperately need, please post about it on the forum!

However, try this website if you're after an API that lets you generate Word documents, use Excel documents to create graphs and charts and then output PDF files. MergeOS will let you automatically generate Office docs using Excel & Word.